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Life in Small Words

I will always be looking for more to add to this list! Just add your insight on life in the comments section. Outstanding ones will go into this permanent list, but they will all be there for everyone to see.

1. Relationships with people are habits…made to be broken.

2. Baggage does not have to be permanent.

3. Self-talk defines a person.

4. Loose lips sink ships…and can come back to haunt you.

5. You’re very luck to find two people who will stand up for you and refuse to stab you in the back during the course of your lifetime.

6. Love is a chore that is never finished.

7. Disappointing someone you admire is a thousand times worse than telling them you hate them.

8. Everything every human being will ever do has already been done – if not in fact, in theory.

9. The memory is at the same time the most powerful good and destructive human force in creation.

10. Generally speaking, about 1.5% of life is what makes it actually worth living.

11. Time is elastic depending on mindset.

12. The only certainty in life is that nothing will be as expected.

13. The only thing impossible with God is on our end: it is impossible to believe him in vain

14. It is wise to map out your future: it is wiser to do so in pencil.

15. Given anywhere except God to look, we will always look there first.

16. Hold yourself accountable…but get others to help you.

17. Remember when it’s easy to forget, forget when it’s easy to remember.

18. Isolation drives humans into themselves. Situations are not as unique as self-pity often has us think…

19. Don’t learn “just enough to pass the test.” For many subjects, it is a much better idea to learn the concepts that makes examples true.

20. Empathy is made to be accepted. Be ok with being on the receiving end.

21. Accept that you will never understand all the dynamics surrounding a difficult situation. Allow this. Learn as much as you can, but be all right with not being omniscient.

22. If you refuse to be happy anywhere you are, you have great power to make everyone around you miserable. To your detriment, your unhappiness will probably get you what you want – but it will not make you happy.

23. God isn’t “obliged” to tell you or show you just what’s he’s doing. Sometimes you won’t know. It’s better to realize this than to beat your head against the walls.

24. Make sincere blanket statements when giving forgiveness, and make no excuses when asking for it.

25. Prayer is not a spiritual Band-Aid. It will still hurt sometimes.

26. It is all right not to be perfect. If you insist on being the perfect one in all your relationships, you will let others down in big ways when you finally realize that you aren’t.

…and more coming!


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