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weekly revelations, installment 1

I usually don’t publish them anywhere, but each week presents its own set of interesting and often surprising revelations. This week I had two…and I don’t remember one. So here, for my faithful yet exasperated readers, is that one thing. 🙂

1. Christianity doesn’t just die.

Yes. That is it. 😀 And I’m proud of it, for several reasons. For one thing, the pastor mentioned a couple weeks ago that Christianity grew from 0.03% of the Roman Empire, or about 1,000 people, to over 14 million (56.6% of the Empire) in just over 300 years. Impressive! And I’m constantly reminded that most of the governments through the ages of most countries have attempted to squash this resilient group of people. Perhaps what gives me most hope, though, is that it is not just a group of people. It is a body, composed of all the parts necessary to function if not fully, then as well as possible. Each person plays a role, even though it’s difficult to see the roles certain groups (i.e. teenagers) can play in the church. (That’s a different post, though.) It’s a body that does not give itself life support…it can’t! It could not exist aside from the moving of God’s Spirit. God has promised to uphold it as long as there are people who will follow Him. Far down the drain though my home country (of which I’m sadly proud) may be, I am fully aware that there are people who still trust God to move.  -o.o-

So you see, I’m not worried. Yeah, I’d like to teach. I’d like to work as a journalist. And I realize that I’ll face intense persecution for my beliefs, as will my brothers and sisters in Christ. But frankly, I have difficulty running scared and worrying constantly because I’m quite confident that if God brings those who trust in Him to it, He will bring us through it. Even if He has seen that it’s time to discipline our country.


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