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I’m tired of writing titles…so…this has no title! :)

I was reading through old English assignments, and I was seized with the sudden urge to write. 🙂 I was wondering why it is that I like other peoples’ writing so much better than my own. As I mulled over this, I considered the wise words I heard somewhere and thought, Am I really my own harshest critic? Why shouldn’t I be, I’d like to know?! Everything about what I write is wrong somehow… It’s odd that I should think this, because I know my writing isn’t that bad, though it can always use improvement.

I suppose the first thing to consider would be that everyone else isn’t me. I don’t look at their writing with a red pen and circle all the disagreeing verbs and subjects, and I don’t see boring conjunctions and bland sentences (unless they’re glaringly obvious). I see new thoughts and ideas that I probably have never considered before. That’s the kind of writing I like best: the words that introduce to me new concepts that I would never have thought of independently. Since I’m really not that creative, it isn’t difficult to do, but I’ve never ceased to appreciate the “new” factor other people bring that I obviously can’t put (for myself) into my own writing.
So that’s one thing.

But I was reading an interview that someone conducted with one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, and in this particular interview, Mr. Lewis was asked what his advice was for new writers. His instructions were extremely simple, and I really like them. He said to tell the reader what you were going to say and then make sure that that was exactly what you told them. He compared writing to herding sheep: he said that if there was anywhere else that they could go with ideas, people would, much as sheep will take every possible gate that is left open to them when they’re being herded from point A to point B.
That’s the other thing: I get so caught up in what I know I’m saying that I tend to forget if anyone else will ever get anything out of it. It’s been nothing short of pure luck thus far that people can actually GET what I’m saying when I write….

It’s easy to be selfish when you’re writing, I guess. It’s always easy to assume that everyone else will automatically “get” what you’re saying just because you understand it. If someone has come up with a good method of writing concisely, I’d love to hear it! I talk too much. 🙂


3 Responses to “I’m tired of writing titles…so…this has no title! :)”

  1. Hmm, very interesting post, Lydia! Writing concisely? Don’t look at me, LOL, I always feel like I’m rambling.

  2. i have the same problem. …or everyone else has the same problem with what i write.
    where was this interview? i’d love to read it.

  3. I was reading it in…God in the Dock, I think, and was very interested by what this master of the English language had to say. Well, I think he’s a master, though I know others disagree with me. 😉 Whatever he was, he wrote a LOT on varied topics and that’s pretty admirable for just about any author.
    H_M – rambling has its place! Don’t be down on yourself for feeling like you’re rambling. 🙂 Ramble first, go back and edit later! It works fairly well…

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