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if you’re here, you are SO lost.

::sighs of relief::

I just finished an extremely long, grueling course of Spanish (Spanish I, to be precise). I don’t know why it was so hard…ok, I do know why…but it was, and I’m glad to be finished with it. Now on to Spanish II. For all this Spanish, I should go to Mexico or something… ::sighs::


6 Responses to “::sighs of relief::”

  1. I agree. A trip to Mexico is in order. 😉

    • I think everyone deserves a trip to Mexico. Or Germany. Or whatever country they learn the language for…my sister wants to learn Swahili. I don’t even know where/what that is, soo….yeah. Sun and warmer temps sound very nice at the moment.

  2. Try flash cards, they help. Better yet, computer flash cards.

    I use this program and I really like it.

  3. Yeah, but Germany doesn’t have nudibranchs. 😉

  4. Elliott – I have an extremely hard time keeping flashcards together and organized. I thought originally that they would work great, but they don’t…not for me. I think it might be an oldest kid thing…. Your software looks seriously interesting, though, at the moment I’m taking a bit of a break from memorizing ::anything::. 😉

    Ralph – hey, they live almost anywhere. Who’s to say they couldn’t live in the North and Baltic seas? You should check that out…

  5. Oh…yeah…and I just discovered that I have three more chapters in this level of Spanish that I didn’t plan for. Jeez….this can never just be easy, can it?? [/frustration]

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