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So I was reading movie reviews…

So I was reading movie reviews (yes, that’s what I do…after I’ve seen movies.) It’s rather pointless, but interesting to see if my own opinion lines up at all with what Christian movie reviewers have to say.
Anyway, I was reading through and decided that every person needs to visit, take their format, and “review” their own lives. What would your life be rated? Who would be the major actors? What would be the worst? The best? What could others take away from “watching” you? I suppose watching isn’t so much a parallel as it is reality. The people in our lives “watch” us for real, and what they take away and think about us when we’re gone is largely dependent on what we do and how we handle the situations we’re given.

I suppose one caveat in this instance would probably be that movie directors can cut out where they wish to and reenter a scene later. Most of us would probably prefer to “review” our lives just like that, but in real life that method seems less than honest. I would probably write two reviews: One where I can cut in and out as much as I like, and one where I have to be brutally honest.

Obviously, I really don’t know how well this would work or even if it’s a good idea – it’s just that: an idea. Rather like something a creative English teacher would come up with as a final project…or not. Hm…

Also…I suppose it really wouldn’t be fair to force yourself to rate your own “movie” a higher rating because you faced more difficulty than the average “peaches-and-cream” life. But again, I guess if you look closer, no life is an average. Obviously this idea needs some refining! Per usual, I strongly recommend commenting and telling me what you think of my weird ideas!


8 Responses to “So I was reading movie reviews…”

  1. What if you think Pluggedinonline is somewhat overzealous with reviews, especially the video games?

    • It doesn’t ::have:: to be Plugged In. I just happen to think their format is very organized and easy to follow – that’s why I mention it. Dude…video games. ::sighs:: What do you mean overzealous? A little strict? A little enthusiastic…?

  2. How about much too harsh. They said The Legend of Zelda for the Wii was bad because of bad content. After that, I lost all respect for their reviews.

    Their format is fine, but I’ve seen better.

    The movie reviews are also just a bit too strict. I bet they hate the Die Hard movies, even though they’re some of my favorites.

  3. About strictness…their entire goal is to be extremely family-friendly. Whether or not you ::LIKE:: the plotline, acting, explosions, etc. seems rather beside the point: if you’re reading the review in order to find something your younger siblings can watch, you’re going to want to know how much language there is, how much content is suggestive, how much violence there is, etc. So…yes, you, I could see, would probably like something a little less family-oriented: perhaps reviews that rank the realism of the plot or some such. It depends on the reader. Most of the people who go to PluggedIn are looking to see what their little kids can watch. And frankly, I think it’s fine that they review that way. 😉 They happen to be the site I use because I’ve read their reviews on CDs I have, and I agree with almost all of them. Since I don’t play video games, it isn’t such a big deal to me….

    I don’t think they’re “too harsh” – they’re Focus on the Family. Their goal is to be strict with their reviews so that parents know what they’re getting into. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  4. Well, I personally think it poses a great idea. In fact, I encourage it daily. Go through and “rate yourself” – not necessarily according to whether or not people would want to watch your movie but perhaps, whether or not God enjoys watching it (because He *is* watching it and has no inclination to change the channel).

    I imagine the movie that God appreciates most depends on who you make the main character. Though, saying it like that implies a self interest that God simply does not have. Perhaps the movie tickets should not be sold, but given out freely as asked and the review left up to Him. Sounds more like the kind of movie would make.

  5. Hm…very good point. Probably the best way to “rate” yourself would be to consult with what God’s already told us about how to write our own movies 😉 and apply that to our lives first, then go back and see how we’ve done.

    Of course, if we think we’re directing our own stories, we’re, again, much mistaken…the movie does depend largely on who is the main character. If it ::is:: us, we’re going to have problems. The plot will be all wrong…

  6. You said:
    I don’t think they’re “too harsh” – they’re Focus on the Family. Their goal is to be strict with their reviews so that parents know what they’re getting into. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    I don’t have a problem with them objectively laying out the content so that views know what they’re getting into. I actually think does a much better job at this. My problem with Pluggedin is that they try to make the judgements for you instead of letting you make them yourself.

  7. Hey, maybe they are too harsh. They do have commentary along with their reviews, but I find that they don’t tell me anything that isn’t actually there. Their opinions are extraneous, but I don’t think they’re too difficult to discount or take lightly, so their judgments don’t have to be yours. 😉 But I concede: They just happen to be the site I use to review things, so they’re what I automatically gravitated to.

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