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wisdom lost!

Today has been interesting. I went in to get my wisdom teeth removed, and the doctor walked in shortly after the nurse had connected me to the IV. He said, “How are you?” and I said, “About to fall asleep.” And that’s the last thing I remember! (That was sweeeeet….) Actually, I do remember being aware that they were doing things, but it didn’t hurt (not that I felt…). I woke up and was fine. I was rather unsteady on my feet at first, but I remember everything just fine.

And now I’m bored and my jaw aches but I’m very grateful for pain medication and anesthetic. 😉 Tomorrow it will probably hurt more, but I’m cool with waiting for that.

Anyway! No more post-op details, I promise. This is the first time I’ve ::ever:: had to do ::anything:: like this, so it’s an adventure. It’s just kind of lame not to be able to eat stuff. Oh well…. (if my writing style seems off, it’s because I value my readers so much I didn’t want to keep you all in suspense! 🙂 I’m just kidding….)

(As a side note, I’m back to school. 😉  I’ve completed my geometry and Spanish for the day, and since I don’t have Chem to do, I’m home free! Now to be bored… 😦  )


7 Responses to “wisdom lost!”

  1. Pain-killers are good.

    And yes, it will hurt more tomorrow.

  2. Thank you so much, Elliott. 😉 But yes, pain = bad // painkillers = good. 🙂

  3. its snowing! cool. i like that. how you do that? teach please.
    ah, ye ole wisdome teethe. it will certainly be sore. dont go sucking on straws or smoking and be careful how you swallow for a while – if you give yourself a dry socket, its a whole new world of pain and painkillers wont do much for ya.
    here in japan, wisdom teeth are called “oyashirazu” – “your parents dont know ( when they come in)” – kinda funny.


  5. Snow…that’s actually one of’s latest features. It came along with the “blavatar” idea. Lol. Go under “appearance” and select “extras” – it will allow you to create snowfall until, like, Jan. 4, 2009. I thought it fit in just perfectly with my theme, so i tried it. My only complaint is that it really slows Firefox down. 😦 Oh well…

    Yeah…I’ve heard of dry socket. It sounds ::terrible::. Believe me, I’m doing everything in my power to keep that from happening!!! Ah, Japanese. That’s awesome! How fitting…

    Yes, I did. They all needed it, and, frankly, I’d rather kill myself all at once rather than dragging it out. You know?

  6. Sounds more pleasant than my wisdom tooth extraction. I just had local anesthetic and it wore off… and then I got a (minor) case of dry socket.

    Miss ya!

  7. ACK! DRY SOCKET!! ::runs for cover:: I was ::extremely:: lucky not to have any complications to speak of. The drugs made me loopy and rather depressed, but I wasn’t violently allergic, nor did I have dry socket. I’m sorry! I miss all my (you know where you are) peeps. It’s too bad I’m not coming for Speak this year. 😦

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