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Never better than now….


I just survived not one, but two mind-numbing hours of transcript work. X.x

There’s a reason schools, not students, are the ones who usually put transcripts together. Homeschoolers, however, are very different…as they always are. In this case, though, that is definitely not a good thing. I really wish my record-keeping had been a lot better over the past four years than it was. Now I have to find curriculums, rack up grades, organize everything, figure out how the heck I’m measuring academic progress, and whether or not I can take accounting next semester in order to finish up high school. Hard and annoying as it is, thank goodness it’s getting done at all. It’s kind of important….

In other news, my baby brother (11 months) is playing with a rubber band. He hooks it over 1/7th (one) of his teeth and then stretches it until it pops back, hitting his hand. He whines (no tears are involved: it’s simply a tool to express dismay) for a moment, then returns to stretching it over his tooth, beginning the entire process again, and again, and… ::sighs::

Shortly thereafter, I put him on the floor because he loves hitting the keyboard just to cause a reaction. He walks/staggers around, eventually crumbling to a sitting position and then crawling, all the while lecturing severely (it sounds something like “Loo loo loo loo loolooloolooloo,” and he’s very serious about it). I can’t wait until he’s talking…that is, in real sentences. J I don’t think he’ll ever stop…like some smart person said – you spend the first year of your kid’s life teaching them how to talk and the next seventeen trying to get them to stop. He’s more verbal than I was…and that’s actually saying something (no pun intended 😉 ).  One more thing about him: His new theme song is Chick Magnet by MxPx because he is.  Mine wasn’t. 😉  Thank goodness…..

Anyway!!!!My title has nothing to do with my post. Can you tell? Things are ok. Chemistry was canceled for today due to snow, which was all right by me. That’s the second time this week…good thing I’m ahead/understanding everything. 🙂


2 Responses to “Never better than now….”

  1. Oh, theme change again. Nice. Feeling cold, are we? Babies. So much fun. My daughter is just a little older than your brother and like me, verbose. Words do form though, but I’m pretty sure its Swahili.
    Good luck with transcripts.

  2. Yes, a little. 😉 It was ~9 degrees today…

    Exactly! I could ::swear:: he’s saying things, but I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea what they are. 🙂 Thank you, I certainly need it….

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