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kicking & screaming

There are many things you’ll never think about. For examples, please follow these thought processes…

It will be so great to see clearly! (the thing you never think about: Learning to deal with contacts or glasses)

It would be so great to have an African-American as president! (the thing the majority of us never think about: Socialism has never once helped a nation during times of economic stress…or any other time for that matter…)

I’m going to draw parallels between these two examples, because I witnessed both of them yesterday. I’ll start personal….

I went to the eye doctor’s yesterday for my eye appointment (shockingly enough). We ran through everything, I read the wall, things were ok. But then, he pulled out contacts for me and went to put them in, and I just about flipped out. I had never had anything put into my eyes before, and apparently, the muscles surrounding my eyes are unusually strong. Anyway, he put one in, and I was sure I was going to die, or have a very serious panic attack. Yeah, it was that freaky…my eyes have always told me how much room I had to move and breathe, and their being invaded felt like the world was imploding forcibly. Even now I have an extremely difficult time forcing my eyes open (and holding them so!!!) in order to situate the lenses over my irises. Ugh…I really hope practice will make this whole thing more fun….

The kicker is that I never even considered before I got my contacts how hard it would be to get them in and out. It just never crossed my mind. Yes, I wanted (and now have! Yay!) 20/20 vision in both eyes, not just one, but I probably should have thought that out beforehand. Getting them in and out takes FOREVER and if I’d been thinking, I would have practiced in advance. I would have prepared for what I’d been asking for. As it is, it’s going to take a long time to make this work comfortably. 😦

However, that wasn’t the only instance of lack of foresight I saw yesterday.

Yesterday, I saw the much-hailed election of the first black president our country has ever seen. The bitter vitriol that accompanied his actual election was frankly surprising…some journalists claimed that the “Civil War ended” when Obama was elected. One related a ::deeply:: touching story of his grandfather – a Socialist, who had spent much of his life fighting American values and traditions – who claimed that now he might have reason to rethink his opinion of America. Oh. My. Goodness. We are in such trouble if the only way we can reach out (triumph over) Socialism is by becoming one with them. Does no one understand that socialism hurts countries? Never, ever once has a better system for prosperity and solidarity emerged than capitalism. Socialism is not the answer. Barack Obama is not the answer. Vague “change” is not the answer. He’s told us that he’ll “fix” the economy, as if it were the government that needed to “fix” the economy. As if the economy weren’t composed of individuals who have attained prosperity, a prosperity that he has already told us he plans to “assist” around.

I can’t express how anguished I am about Obama’s election. I think the era of the US is coming to a rapid close. Too bad that my generation (the majority of them being hopeless visionaries) should have to see it. Perhaps this will convince them that cynicism is a better choice when you’re dealing with politics. I get the impression that, despite Obama’s setting records by being the first black president in office, by the end of these four upcoming years, our country will deeply, deeply regret ever hearing his name. Time will tell, though.

Believe me when I say that I don’t want to have to say “I told you so!” especially during this time of turmoil and instability…but I fear that may be what I and other Christians, Republicans and independents may be saying as time goes on. 😥


11 Responses to “kicking & screaming”

  1. Eww… contacts. Well, after reading that I am certainly against replacing my glasses..

    It was crazy how Obama won nearly ALL of the battleground states that both candidates had spent millions in. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc..

    It is unfortunate that us hopeless visionaries are the ones that got Obama elected. xD I liked the entry.. very nice beginning.

  2. Forgive the bad paragraph organization. I woke up at 4:30 and I’m at school. >.>

  3. Honestly, Devlin, this wasn’t meant as a slam on anyone. I think Obama ::may:: be a very good president, but his potential has yet to be proven. I am simply frustrated that it looks like he would rather share wealth than help individuals create it themselves… 😦

  4. Wow, this new theme is amazing!

  5. Thanks. 😉 I wasn’t sure about it…good to have you back! Are you going to be posting, too?

  6. I had the same experience with contacts… I felt like an idiot when the eye doctor showed me how to put them in, and I could. not. get. it. lol

    Seriously tho, it’ll only take you like a week before putting them in is completely easy and you don’t even notice having them in.

  7. thanks, Mark, but I’ve actually progressed immensely already. 😉 I can take ’em out and put them in really quickly, and while I’m still getting used to them, they are very nice…much nicer than having to worry about glasses.

    So, Devlin, to your earlier point… (sorry!) contacts are nice, but if you’ve had glasses for a long time or really like the convenience they afford you, don’t feel like you HAVE to switch. It’s kind of six of one, a half dozen of the other – glasses are more convenient to get on and off, but contacts stay where you put ’em.

    Anyway, thanks for all the feedback. 😉 I appreciate it!

  8. Hah. Sorry if I was being a bit crude in that last comment. Really should post things when a teacher is NOT looking at me.

  9. Lol, not a problem and yeah…seriously don’t get in trouble because of me. 😉

  10. this was a nice lead in. tough topic too. living overseas has given me a different perspective on things and i get to hear a wider variety of comments as well. you wouldnt believe the number of people who agree with Obama being elected! the folks that agree though havent given me any more hope that they have any more brains than those in the states who voted for him. they know nothing of his policy ideas, how he would implement them or what they would mean if they get approved. unbelievable.
    i hear things like, “i dont like angry white war mongering men. i am glad Obama won. He is open minded and willing to talk. honestly! who wants to support war? i hate seeing people suffer!”

    oh, right. like President Bush or Senator McCain LIKE to see people suffer. War is not pretty but sometimes it is necessary – especially when the talking failed. we tried that. Carter tried that and was then surprised when he was lied to. “honestly” indeed.
    You are very right in you assessment. What really scares me is that once Obama is in office, his chances of getting some of these policies implemented are fairly good considering Congress right now and if that happens, he may make some people really angry… increasing his chances of getting shot. which will probably start a civil war all over again, sadly.

    sometimes i am glad i live in Japan… that sounds terrible, i know. sorry.

  11. No, living in Japan actually sounds VERY ATTRACTIVE at the moment!!! 🙂

    ::sighs:: I don’t ::want:: to be ::down:: on Obama. Our country ::needs:: unity right now. But I just can’t back him! He is going to damage our country in more ways than we think possible. Yes, civil war is on our horizon. Yes, if anyone tries anything on him, we will be in huge trouble. Yay…civic unrest. Why not? Our country needs more distortion and trouble than it has right now.

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