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random update on my life!

Hi everyone –

Again, it has been much, much too long between this and my last updates!!!  So much has happened.  It’s been confusing at times and more than a little sad…. Basically, it boils down to this: This year, I’m officially home schooling again, though originally, I was going to attend a charter school like I had last year.  Things…changed…and I’m back at home.  The good part is that by working hard this year, I’ll get exactly what I need to GRADUATE!  I am so excited about that!  I can’t wait…. Hopefully by being good, I’ll get my parents’ blessing and graduate happily in ’09.  Otherwise…I can always get my GED…but I plan on being a model student. 😉

In other news, today, as I’m sure you all know, is Patriot’s Day.  It’s clear and sunshiney, like it was 7 years ago today.  And like 7 years ago today, people are still oblivious to the real trouble our nation has gotten itself into.  ::sighs::  This morning, we prayed that God would change the direction of our country, and honestly, I couldn’t have meant anything more…there’s no way that any one person could completely change the course of a country…not even a president, due to his restricted power, has that ability.  So we trust God and try to work where we see him moving…and it’s sometimes discouraging and hard.  But we know it’s worth it.

God bless you guys!!!


3 Responses to “random update on my life!”

  1. Hi Lydia!

    Does this mean you’re doing speech and debate again? Or is there not time for that in your schedule?

    We’d love to see you back!

  2. phat! nice re-do on the blog!

    as far as the nation goes, “In God We Trust.”

  3. No…I’m not doing speech and debate anymore. It’s kind of sad, but true – I am simply much too busy getting ready to graduate to expend time and energy doing S&D. 😦

    Lol. Thanks for your encouragement on the blog layout. 😉 I like it, too. Yes, our nation is, indeed, one of a kind….

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