confusion central
if you’re here, you are SO lost.


I have 75 pounds of venison I need to figure out how to use!!!

Any and all advice would be :::readily::: accepted at this point…


7 Responses to “Venison?!?”

  1. or did you mean something more specific?

  2. Thank you…but yeah, I was looking for something a little more specific. Plus 75 lbs. = who could I find to eat it all?

  3. So, you hit a deer. What did your parents say when they found out?


    Chop it up, freeze it, and enjoy it from now until the time you get married.

  4. Lol, Sarah! No, I didn’t hit it. 😉

    Hey, yeah, I guess so…have you ever cooked venison, though? It’s picky meat…

  5. LOL, you could give it to the poor?

  6. Actually, we grilled it for the first time last night. We FINALLY processed it all with the help of a friend (THANK YOU, Mr. R!!!), and it was quite good. Of course…I am gonna have to figure out how to remove the gamey taste. but that’s ok. At least we know it doesn’t make everyone sick…

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