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school’s out!!!

I am very proud to announce that I have just survived my junior year of high school.

Sure, I need to finish math and marine biology. And my mom’s gonna make me repeat my junior year (AAAHH!). But I’m done for the summer as far as rising at 6 am, showering, getting in the car, and driving for 45 minutes to get to a singularly uninteresting campus for four hours goes. From now on, I’ll be rising a little later, showering, doing math homework, going to math, and then (hopefully) going to work. And working on getting my license.

….in other news, I loved being able to see people every single day.  I can’t do that anymore, and I am really going to miss all my friends.  😦  It’s harder than speech and debate, because I used to see them everyday, whereas you get used to only seeing NCFCA friends at tournaments and club…at most once or twice a week.

::sighs:: Life never slows down…


7 Responses to “school’s out!!!”

  1. That’s one of the only things that sucks about summer, you don’t get to see most of your friends until you start school again.

  2. Congratulations! Have fun with Marine Biology.

  3. Yay! Good job!

  4. I know…actually, it isn’t the only thing that sucks about summer. See: mosquitoes. 😉

    Oh I will, thank you, Matthew! 🙂

    ::gasps:: I…survived! Yeah…but that isn’t as good as…well…graduating…you guys all survived, too, though, so that gives me a little hope. 😉

  5. you know… life DOES actually get better after highschool. and after college, and even (i don’t want to surprise you too much, so sit down first and grab onto something with both hands) after marriage.

  6. Life, slowing down? Hah!

  7. HM – l.o.l. My life /n/e/v/e/r/ slows down. And honestly, I’m not sure anyone’s does…

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