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Perdition & Punk

Punk has always been interesting to me.  I know lots of people don’t like it, but it seems innovative to me. 


Despite its obvious shortcomings (language and aimlessness), there is something inside punk music that yearns for change, even if no clear way is illuminated to get there through the music itself.  


Sum 41 says it well:


…your words are like a gun in hand
you can’t change the state of the nation
we just need some motivation


~Still Waiting


So punk provides us with a problem to be solved.  It’s my opinion that Christians might do well to provide a “counter-punk” – not because punk is inherently evil, but because it presents real problems that really need to be solved.  These problems obviously aren’t being solved in the present system – the only way to deal with them is to present the counter-world lifestyle Christianity is. 


Anndddd…no one listens to punk, so I’m basically talking to myself.  But I’d still value my reader’s feedback!


8 Responses to “Perdition & Punk”

  1. I don’t like punk, and you’re right, I don’t listen to it. But those lyrics you quoted were saying the nation needs a change and we need motivation. I agree let’s be that motivation! *steps of soap box* *apoligizes for preaching off of what you have posted*

  2. i actually like punk. depends on what is being said. there isnt much music i don’t like. bebop best of all i guess. from Clutch to Rich Mullins, Etta James to Pavarotti. (I like me some Rage Against the Machine)
    it isnt just punk though. 60 music used to ask the questions needed of its generation – rap and punk may put forth those needed now. Just don’t be so swayed with the music that you loose your footing.

  3. True, i think I’d have to agree that punk puts forth similar ideas we saw in the ’60’s….but I wouldn’t say the same for rap. Rap, for me, is hedonism, pure and simple, and I honestly can’t condone it.

    Music + slipping = Topic for another post!!!

  4. hmmm, most of it is for sure. dc talk used to have some good rap. then seems they went off the deep end too. i dunno.
    what about Matisyahu? The Cross Movement and even Arrested Development (they had some things to say even their road was headed in a funny direction (rasta))
    I don’t think there is anything sinful in a thing until it used in a wrong way. rap in and of itself is just rhyming. How many kids could Emenem (?) have turned to Christ had he sung something worth listening to?

  5. ……::I:: listen to punk…. 😉
    Not all punk has terrible language. Of course, bands like The Distillers and The Casualties would be hard-pressed to write songs with more vulgarity, but bands like DKM and MxPx aren’t bad at all.

  6. James, you’re right that rap isn’t inherently sinful. ::I:: don’t appreciate the style itself, but that doesn’t mean it’s morally reprehensible. It simply comes from an environment that seems to encourage…bad…things.. Just a little…

    Yay! Someone listens to punk….
    There are some things about punk that could use a little revision. For the most part, though, they’re at least ::honest:: about what they have to say, even when it’s vulgar. I appreciate that much. I just happen to think that Christianity could provide a lot of answers instead of being the fuel for those songs…. (but I’m not making sense…)

  7. makes sense to me. using something for inspiration and using something to inspire others may be two totally different things.

    man, i used to love punk back in college. 15 years ago. now, you had no idea i was that old, did you? haha. punk has changed a LOT since then for sure.

  8. True. I am gonna have to think over that one, though. 😉

    Yeah, punk 15 years ago is slightly different than it is today. O_o Lol.

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