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Life in General

So it occurred to me yesterday that I won’t be in high school forever. Really soon, I’ll be able to graduate, and then I’ll stand at the podium and tell them that high school was the hardest time I have been through thus far. And they’d better mark my words, because if I’m ever a parent, I want to remember what I went through when I was in high school, so I understand when my daughters are the age I am now why they don’t want to be at home all the time, and why they don’t think I’m the greatest person ever.

🙂 In other news…there is no other news. 🙂

((now listening: Life in General, by MxPx.  See: title.))


8 Responses to “Life in General”

  1. Awe, it’s not that bad is it? I enjoyed high school.

  2. ::gasps for air::


    Well….I guess it does depend on the person. And also on events they saw during high school….

  3. Yeah. I can see where you’re coming from. High school is incredibly challenging, and often frustrating.

    Not because of school work (though that does play a role!) but because you’re just that age when everything seems to go wrong. Just about every day.

  4. Exactly – it seems that you aren’t quite mature enough to take care of all the things you wish you could, yet you’re not a little kid anymore, so you aren’t content with everything you used to like to do.

    Things go wrong way too often, and if it isn’t your fault, you feel left out.

    It’s interesting, to say the least.

  5. Hmmm, I wouldn’t say that everything goes wrong when you’re a teen. But, let’s say it does, God is still in control, hang onto Him, and you’ll get through it.;)
    BTW you should be able to comment on my site now

  6. Of course, God is still in control. I wouldn’t deny that – ever. But that certainly doesn’t mean life is always going to be peachy. 😉

  7. read “The Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne. (don’t complain to me if it changes the way you were planning to live your life.)

  8. things still go wrong when you’re out of school too.
    and when you get your first job.
    and when you get your 10th.
    and when you have kids.
    you just get better at a) dealing with it or b) hiding it.
    but yes, God is still in control, so thank Him always!

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