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Quick note: I AM alive!

To all my wonderful, caring friends – I survived the ACT.  How I’ll score I haven’t the faintest idea.  But I do know there are at least two math classes I need to take before I graduate high school.  😉

I hate standardized tests.  But at least my friends at school at to suffer through them with me.  Somehow that helps.

Random question:  If you could relive one single day from your past exactly as it was the first time, what day would you choose to experience all over again?


5 Responses to “Quick note: I AM alive!”

  1. I’m sorry the ACT wasn’t pleasant! I hated taking the SAT. Thankfully I never had to take the ACT.

    I took the SAT at another school, so I didn’t know anyone. I remember a lot of bubbles, worrying about sharp pencils, referencing 1984 and hitler in my essay, and two cute girls taking it in the same classroom. Good times.

  2. It was just tedious! And it’d be great to have more time to do, for instance, the math. I could have at least looked over every problem and given them all my best shot if I’d had time. 😦 Oh well!

    I hear the SAT is actually quite a bit harder than the ACT.

    Yeah….bubbles. ::sighs:: I hate those bubbles. It’s so easy to mess up. It’s a lot more fun to take it with friends or people you at least know. Then you can talk about how annoying test 2 was, or whatever. It’s very helpful. Oh – and good-looking members of the opposite gender ::can:: be quite distracting. 😉

  3. Funny, there’s no day I would ever want to relieve. Hope is much more exciting than memory for me.

  4. Interesting approach, Matthew. Hmmm. You always make me think!!!

    Mark, you have to answer the question. 😉 or at least think about it….

  5. I personally found the ACT harder than the SAT, although that was probably because I’d been preparing for the SAT for months, and had never looked at an ACT until the week I took it. The math on the ACT also includes trig, while the SAT doesn’t. Both are just lame though 😛

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