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God hates…?

Disclaimer: Links may be too graphic for the easily offended. Seriously.


A few days ago, Focus on the Family replayed a presentation from a speaker who was talking about the Christian right’s response to the pro-homosexual movement. This man presented some fascinating concepts that I had never considered before, and as with all things that strike me, I immediately wanted to post about it on my blog.


Essentially, this man contended that while evangelical Christians should not approve of the homosexual lifestyle, the Christian right’s reaction to the entire gay community is skewed. Why, you ask? This is because instead of attacking the issue, the evangelical response is to actually attack the people themselves.


The fact of the matter is that although homosexuality is clearly delineated as a sin in the Bible, it receives the same amount of emphatic condemnation as heterosexual promiscuity. These are tough topics, and not issues quickly glossed over.


Robert Dugan, the former President of the National Association of Evangelicals, stated that he has “watched too many Christians display anger, animosity and even outright hatred toward their political ‘enemies.'” His statement reveals an even deeper problem in the evangelical Christian community: the Christian response to politics. Christians become deeply and passionately involved in politics, to their advantage and detriment. While it is encouraging that the church is doing a little to become the “conscience of the state,” as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, when these Christians display the same hatred, anger, and cruelty toward their political opponents as non-Christian politicians and activists, they lose their separate identity as representatives of God’s love.

It would be neither fair nor accurate to say that unless Christians condone homosexuality fully, they are not displaying God’s love. But the opposite extreme – hating these people – is not a viable alternative. The only open option? A moderate standpoint. Ecclesiastes tells us that “the man who fears God will avoid all extremes.” (Ecc. 7:18) Avoiding bitter hatred and sidestepping open endorsement is the only way the evangelical Christian movement can remain on the right foot with God and man. This may have the appearance that I’m advocating the “offend none” ideology far too present in today’s culture, yet this concept is not a new one and should not be foreign to the Christian church because Paul highly recommends it in Romans 12:18: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”


There is no excuse for demonstrating hatred toward homosexuals. While Christians have biblical precedent for choosing not to condone homosexuals, this does not give any Christian carte blanche to heap scorn or criticism upon homosexuals.


Robert Dugan goes on to say of the evangelical Christian church, “How could they be unaware of Jesus command to love their enemies?” Excellent question. As long as Christians pay more attention to winning political battles against the gay movement than they do to seeing the individual souls of these people saved, Christians cannot and will not win the battle. Dugan finishes strong by saying that, “Not only is it right to treat people with love, but pragmatically, it works in the long run.” So it does. If only the evangelical right practiced it a little more in their political battles.


Please!  I invite argument, criticism, and differing viewpoints.  I want to know everyone’s opinion on the matter.

As a way of explanation for the title of this post, I am aware that there are things God hates.  He hates sin.  But he very much loves people – the people He created – even though they sin – “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Rom. 5:8  


4 Responses to “God hates…?”

  1. I think a lot of Christians are prejudiced towards homosexuals because the Christians are culturally moral, or because they think that their moral lives makes them somehow morally better people, and they get disgusted at “bad” people.

    What people need to realize is that you hate the sin because you love the sinner, and the more you love the criminal, the more you’ll hate the crime. Sin is terrible because it hurts wonderful people, not because it makes them sub-human or unlovable.

  2. Excellent point, Matthew, to note that the more you hate the sin, the more you love the sinner. And very true!!

  3. One thing to say, God hates the sin, not the sinner!

  4. Exactly. Thus why we cannot hate these people. They deserve our love and compassion more than almost any others.

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