confusion central
if you’re here, you are SO lost.

We value your feedback….

After all your helpful feedback on what I should write about next, I feel compelled to write about something completely different!  It’s a surprise!  You’ll have to see when I post next. 🙂

Hope everyone’s life has been going well!  Everyone, link me on your blog!  If I don’t comment on your blog, it’s because I haven’t had time – not because I’ve forgotten or hate you!   I’m just kidding about the linking part. 😉  Do whatever you like, it is your blog.  😀

I will talk to everyone later, and it will be far more meaningful next time.  I promise!

Two thoughts before I go:
This is so true!

Quote of the day:
One cannot love unless one is free. One cannot be free apart from consciousness, in the moment, of being enveloped in God’s love…. This is the whole of the matter. The rest is details.
  – Andree Seu


2 Responses to “We value your feedback….”

  1. Hey! I actually DO have a link to your blog from my blog it’s a link to Confusion Central, would you prefer your name?

  2. I was really just kidding about linking. 😉 I can’t comment on your blog because Blogger decided I have no account with them. No, I don’t mind – any way you want to link it is just fine. 🙂 Thanks.

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