confusion central
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choices, choices, choices…

I have a whole list of things I want to blog about. But I don’t want to write about them right now. And I want your input on what I should do first! So here is my list


1. Libertarianism (five-part series)
2. Law
3. Families and the church
4. Patriotism
5. Benjamin Franklin

I can ALWAYS write about music or theological concepts.



    If you have any ideas of things you’d like to see, by all means, let me know. Mark’s post on the purpose of a blog was an interesting one, and it made me ask myself why exactly I keep a blog.


    3 Responses to “choices, choices, choices…”

    1. I like the Ben Franklin idea. But a five part series would be interesting too.

    2. You should blog about Benjamin Franklin first

    3. Ok, I think I will. If I have no other votes, that is. 😉

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