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Roller-coasters & marshmallows

Why does everything happen at once?  It isn’t frustrating in the least, but it is a little overwhelming.  I don’t appreciate all the hormonal and emotional chaos that comes with the teenage territory.  The very fact that so much is happening is an indicator that a lot is changing.   Someone once compared life to a roller coaster:  you buckle in, push your head back, and for most of your life you can’t say anything.  Then, as truth begins to sink in, you start screaming.   Ok, well, maybe that isn’t how the analogy really went, but something like that.  Something about screaming and hanging on for dear life.  It doesn’t matter how you look at it, though – it is a beautiful ride.     

Brilliant observation:  Conversations where God is working are not about me.  They’re about the other person and God.  But mostly God.  I’m thrilled to be used, but I’m just an accessory. That whole concept is frankly ::amazing::. It’s so cool to see God work. Hmmmm. Prayer does do things. Hopefully this trend will continue.  

TOTALLY random: I love writing.  But when someone asks me a question like “What, to you, motivates you to follow God?”, I don’t have a script in front of me.  I can’t organize my thoughts as easily in my mind as I can on paper.  I can’t trust my mind: it lets me down far too frequently!   

I think the best way to figure out what you need to say is to stop talking.  Really.  It works great.  If God has really orchestrated that conversation to lead up to a question like that, there’s no way He won’t be listening when you silently plead for help. This comes down to trusting God.  One of my closest friends has recently shared a hopelessness regarding the NCFCA community.  He’s right: There’s a problem.  I really can’t disagree there.  But because we don’t have any power in this situation (aside from well-intentioned letters to the editor), we need to trust God.  I don’t know what, in this situation, would be appropriate to do.  My motto is that big revolutions start small – start with yourself and everything else (may) follow.  But in this case, I’m really unsure what to do.  I’m convinced there’s a problem, too, but what I can do about it is beyond me.  Thus comes trusting God.  There’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing my friend can do, there’s really not too much we can change.  We can pray, and we can write letters.  Beyond that, though, we have to trust God that a problem with the status quo can and will be solved through His perfect design.  No?  And…I’m done rambling.  🙂 

And I shall leave you with my amazingly brilliant Thought for the Day! 

If you could describe yourself in any three words (they don’t have to be related), what would they be? Comment! I want to know. 🙂 


7 Responses to “Roller-coasters & marshmallows”

  1. more than three

  2. I’m really not seeing how marshmallows connect to any of this… But you’re right. Being a teen isn’t for person who gets motion sick!

    Myself in three words: Simply not possible.

  3. Ahh, come on, Matthew! It’s hard. But very fun and actually pretty educational….

    But you just proved my point, Sarah. Being a teenager is not for the easily motion-sickened – marshmallows, as I (sometimes) call them. 😉 Wonderful self-description. It’s truly just so you! 😀

  4. I really meant my self-description as something similar to Matthew’s… So now I want to know why you think it fits me…

    (Am I that much of a pessimist?)

  5. That’s really hard, but I’ll try: thoughtful, crazy, nerd 😉

    I would have to agree on the whole rollercoaster analogy, most of the time it seems as if I’m too busy trying to figure out _where_ I’m trying to go, let alone how to get there.

  6. And the worst part about the roller coaster: it’s one of those cheap ones that they put up in the county fairs; there’s going to be an accident and everyone will die.

  7. Sarah – no, you’re really not a pessimist, you’re just realistic. Really. 😀

    Iit’s a good thing we don’t have to determine in advance where we’re going. It’s all we can do to hang on once it really gets moving fast.

    Um, thanks, Mark – cuz that wasn’t pessimistic….

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