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An introduction to Def Leppard

This group is frankly amazing. They’re old, and they’re classic. They didn’t suck then, and they rock more than ever now.

Beware, they aren’t a Christian group. Some of their subject material is for – er – mature audiences. Just be careful. Don’t watch their videos (except for Promises). And if you’re easily offended, pass these guys by. But if you’re looking for some serious talent, look no further.

These are the only ones of theirs I can like because despite their great talent, they’re really 100% rock stars and their songs reflect their ideology.

1. Promises

2. Bringin’ on the Heartbreak

3. Too Late for Love

4. Foolin’ (mostly clean)

5. Hysteria

6. Rocket Man (this one probably has subliminal messages all the way through it. But I like it.)

7. Rock of Ages

Find one. Listen to it. Tell me those guys aren’t amazing. They have a very unique style.


6 Responses to “An introduction to Def Leppard”

  1. You’re right, they are unique. They have like an oldschool style. Reminds me too much of working at DQ and having old songs constantly played through the speakers though. 😦 lol

  2. Um…yeah…they have an old school style because they are old school….

    Sorry they got worn out for you, though. They really are quite talented. Did you know their drummer lost one arm in a car crash, but still drums for them?

  3. Lydia, you know too much about music. 😛

  4. ::is offended::

    Ok, you’re right. But just look at the video for Promises. Do you ever see their drummer’s other arm? Huh? Do you? You don’t….

  5. It could be a good thing. Now you can give me music advice, because you know so much. 🙂

  6. Well, yeah! Everyone should ask me for advice about music. I know quite a bit about every genre. I’m just that cool. 😉

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