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Winter Jam ’08

Last night, we got to go to Winter Jam 2008.  It was amazing.  I went for Skillet, but I thought MercyMe was really good…albeit not quite my style.  Bart Millard has a very good voice. 


Anyhow, Skillet did The Last Night, Whispers in the Dark, Savior, Rebirthing and Older I Get. It was quite amazing.  The special effects were very good (read: explosive. Literally.) and it was very loud.  But what do you expect?

Yes, John Cooper does sound like that in real life (a little hoarser, actually).  And Korey really is that short and that amazing. Is there anything she can’t do?


Overall, an amazing experience.  One I hope to repeat sometime soon.  🙂


5 Responses to “Winter Jam ’08”

  1. My brother and I considered going with our church, but they canceled due to the snow.

    I had heard that Skillet was good in concert, maybe I’ll get another chance soon.

    About how many people were there?

  2. Hey Lydia, I didn’t even know about this blog. I had subscribed to your other ones, but stopped getting updates, but I just found this through Allegra’s blog…

  3. That’s too bad. It’d have been cool to have had you there, though I must say I doubt muchly whether or not I would have seen you at all. There were about 5,100 people there, and it is a fairly large venue. If you have a chance to see Skillet, you ought to.

    ::gasps:: Sorry, Matthew, I guess I forgot to update. Blogger decided it hated me, so I switched to WordPress. Not sure what the deal was there, but I like wordpress much better anyway. So here I am! Enjoy. 🙂 I know I appreciate your sporadic updates….

  4. Skillet is pretty much awesome. Wish I was there.

  5. Um, yes? Hello? Why else would someone as awesome as I am like them so much?

    Just kidding. Poor Mark – you’ve got to think I’m /the/ most arrogant person ever. 🙂

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