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engagement? I’m not even out of high school!!!!!

So…my cousin’s engaged. He’s, like, four years older than me. My youth is slipping away.

Sorry, y’all…I’ll write a more coherent post later. Really. When I’m ::not:: in the middle of a giant, long, torturous (or however you spell that) debate tournament.

Random thought: The dates on WordPress are screwed up (I should look at fixing that) so it says this is posted on Feb. 29th, 08. So while there won’t be another Feb. 29 for four years, there won’t ever be another Feb. 29, 2008.

See ya!


One Response to “engagement? I’m not even out of high school!!!!!”

  1. Wow. I felt the same way when a friend who’s only 4 1/2 years older than I got engaged… then married…. and now she has a 5 (4?) month old.

    Life just moves too fast, and one day we’re all going to realize we’re grown up, and wish we could go back. I always thought I would be totally grown up at 16… and now I’m not very sure if I am, or if that’s a good thing.

    Let me know how the tournament goes!!! I’m praying so hard for ya’ll!

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