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So now, I’m a movie star!

So!  Guess what?? I got my permit today!  (my new one).  It’s so great!  You have to see it!!
Next time you see me, ask me to show you!  I will!  And you can laugh at it, too.

At least I have color in this picture.    I’m not smiling…more like smirking.  My head’s at a funny angle.

I’m just glad it doesn’t look like a mug shot, like my old permit.  I guess I should be glad I have one….


4 Responses to “So now, I’m a movie star!”

  1. am I officially allowed to say you’re so vain?

    bring it the next tourney. I want to see it 🙂

  2. I’m confused. Why do you need a new permit?

    (I got my *license* yesterday!!)

  3. Yes, you may say I’m vain. of course, you know the whole story behind that…. 😉

    I’ll have it. When I *have* it, I carry it all the time.

    I needed a new permit for a couple reasons. a) the weight on my old permit isn’t my weight now, and b) we needed to add my dad as a trainer.


    Good for you, lucky!!!!! 😦

  4. Hey Sarah, congrats on getting your license! And Lydia have fun with your permit! I get mine soon.

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