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I have only done worse at a tournament once within the last two years.

I hope everyone did better than me….

Please email me your consolations! j/k.  But I am a little perplexed.  My speaker points are just as high as (if not higher than) they’ve ever been.  How could I have done so poorly?


4 Responses to “1-5”

  1. *gives you a hug*

    It’s OK. I remember doing that poorly my last time at GOLD. And it was after getting to semis at the regional tournament the year before. So don’t let it get to you. Debate is a LOT more than winning at tournaments.

  2. Thank you, Mark…. I was kind of depressed/confused for a little while there. But I do think it’s ok. Yeah…debate-ness goes on a rollercoaster, it seems. Just keep working, right?

  3. Ahh, *hug*.

    1-5 stinks. I won’t say it doesn’t. But look farther. What can you learn? How can you re-write your case? What neg arguments should you have run? What did that one really awesome team do that won them the round? Can you do that next time?

    You and Moriah have a break coming to you at Centenial. You just do. (The tournament after I went 1-5, I went 5-1… so be encouraged!)

  4. It’s those California teams, they’re too persuasive. 😦

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