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Updatey updateness

I should update.  So.  Consider yourself updated. 😉
My life for the next four days can be best summed up as follows:  Debate tournament.

Pretty cool, huh?  Yes.  I am a nerd.  I do enjoy speaking.  And I’m going to make the most of this year (whether or not I qualify to nationals) because it may well be my last. *sniffs*

That’s ok.  I want to help coach at my club while I do full-time college prep classes.



3 Responses to “Updatey updateness”

  1. I KNOW you’ll do well!

  2. LOL, you had better be there! Are you coming?

  3. Even though you didn’t break… I want you to know that I think the world of you. You aren’t perfect… but the fact that you don’t pretend to be says the world.

    We will miss you soooo much next year!

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