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[embarrassing revelations]


So this afternoon we were driving home from school. Veeeeery exciting.


But on this drive, I was thinking (much as I always do) about my friends.


Most of you know that many of my friends are guys. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but I know it means different things to different people.


As it is, I reached this important conclusion:


My friendships with guys are way too valuable to taint with what I “feel.”


I really do “feel” like other girls do. Emotions do matter to me – though less than to some other girls. And so, logically, how I feel at any given time affects how I respond to the friends in my life – and that includes guys. But honesty is more important than fake teen “romance,” so I decided that it is way more important to have a solid, basic friendship than a whole bunch of butterfly feelings when it comes to guys.


The dean at our school talked on Monday about how teen’s brains aren’t developed. The front part of the brain – the part designed to handle the decision making process – is not fully developed until the individual is 20 or 21. (In some cases, it’s much, much older, but we’re not here to talk about that. 😉 ) I see way too many teen girls vowing their love to some random guy and I have to shake my head. Not because I don’t have any of those ideas of my own (I’ve got plenty, I just never say them out loud), but because there’s no way that’s a permanent promise.



a) picking good friends is enough of a challenge right now

b) there’s little sense in trying to decide who you’re going to be friends with forever, and

c) there’s no sense in trying to decide who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.


It just isn’t worth it. As a result, I shall now be flushing any romantic notions I have (and trust me, every girl has some at some point or another) toward anyone away until I’m about, say, 26.


And life will be good. Until I’m 26. 😉 Just kidding. [/embarrassing revelations]




6 Responses to “Fluff-for-brains is not a compliment”

  1. You’re so totally right Lydia, the world is in His hands, not ours. And God has His timing down perfectly.

  2. Hmmmmmm……….


    I like reading this blog. 😉 I’m learning a lot…

  3. H_M, it’s always super-easy to say that “God’s timing is perfect” when you aren’t right in the middle of something YOU would REALLY like to time yourself!!! Lol. It’s all faith….

    Yeah, this post came at an interesting time of life. My opinions have changed somewhat since then, but I still firmly believe that :::I::: as a girl, have no right to make my own intentions known to ::any:: guy. You know? Lol. Yes, learning is the goal of this blog…at least someone is getting something besides a good laugh at my sentence structure. 😉

  4. hmmm, i hope my daughter comes to that conclusion soon… albeit she is 2. but the sooner the better.
    except of course when it comes to me. she should tell ME how she feels.

    you say your ideas have changed somewhat, can i ask how?

  5. Oh…um…well…I still don’t think girls should pursue guys. But I guess I’m a little unclear on what “pursue” means. I would call a guy if I needed to, but I certainly would never ask anyone out, and I would never even for a second consider asking anyone to marry me. That, to me, still seems just weird…

  6. Yeah, I have known girls to ask guys to marry them… and its just odd. I’m not sexist, its just weird to me. I think there is some psychology in there that is worth exploring maybe…

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