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Ever had one of those days….?

Ok…so my day thus far has gone as follows.


  1. I drove to school.
  2. Pulling out of the driveway, I saw a black cat by the side of the road. Dead.
  3. That was my cat.
  4. I got to school, only to learn that I wouldn’t be able to finish my assignment during class time. I really needed to.
  5. Getting out of math, I went to English, where I tried desperately to be charitable.
  6. Getting out of English, I went to student assembly, where the dean talked about several things that didn’t apply to me at all. For forty minutes.
  7. And when I got home I found that in order to be a good research group leader, I need to work on my own brief. Due tomorrow.

Oh my.

I guess being told I’m a kind person sort of makes up for today.

Although it isn’t true, persay.  Take what you get, right?


7 Responses to “Ever had one of those days….?”

  1. Wow… Sounds like fun… Sorry about your cat 😦

  2. Yuck. Sounds like your day was worse than mine. I’m sorry!

    Our dishwasher has gone on the fritz… no… our dishwasher works fine. Our kitchen sink plumbing is on the fritz… rendering the kitchen sink, as well as the dishwasher, unusable.

    See you next week!

  3. Oh fun! Praying for you! Remember that God has it all in His hands. Yes, I’ve had a day like yours. I had two right in a row. 😦

  4. Homework assignment for RC? What’s that???? *dies*

    It’s Monday. What can I say?

    …And yet, somehow, life goes on… (to quote a famously charitable person, who will remain anonymous for the sake of charity)

    And God’s grace still is here and is very much active. Heck, we could have been in a car accident! Yeah, He is good.

  5. Wow. That sounds like a pretty stressful day! (Or should I say days? Sarah’s sounds pretty bad too.)

  6. Wow! Everyone is so encouraging. LOL, life is better now. Although my cat is still dead….

    Hope everyone is having better days…..

  7. We try, and God puts people in the right place at the right time. Today was a good day. 🙂

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