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Krispy Kremes and/or anxiety,0.jpg

This amazing food meets all the criteria of Real Food:

1. Packed with sugar

2. Packed with calories

3. Deep-fried and/or coated in glaze

4. Goes great with coffee.

Support your local Krisy Kreme outlet.  Buy donuts.

There.  None of this subliminal advertising stuff. 😉  I feel so…liberated.


On other fronts, the upcoming speech and debate tournament is freaking me out.  And it’s not even because I’m competing.  I don’t fear speaking anymore – it gives me a rush.  And yet I’m on pins and needles.  ::sighs::

Learning to trust God is the name of the game, I guess.


4 Responses to “Krispy Kremes and/or anxiety”

  1. Yes, please buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Keep them from closing.

  2. You’ll do fine, Lydia! I think you and Moriah stand a good chance at breaking, and without a script, so does your OI.

    (But, there are more important things in life than breaking.)

  3. No fear. Our family’s buying doughnuts could keep a small company in good stead for a year.

    I’m just kidding. Actually, our local Krispy Kreme closed for lack of business. I was both shocked and horrified to learn of the early demise of such a wonderful enterprise. 😦

    ::sighs:: I hope so…I think it was some – erm – unusual judges from your state, Sarah, who kept us from breaking. Or maybe – just maybe – we weren’t doing as well as we thought we were! That’s always a possibility. But not one we like to consider.

    LOL, I am working on my OI. A little bit. And of course there are. But I hope to break this year (at this tournament) since it may well be my last year.

  4. Hey, You’ll do wonderful Lydia! Promise. Have fun and Winder Farms is better than krispy creme

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