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Breaking news: Random word generator invented by a girl!*

^Cool thing I found #1. ^ Talk about perfect for generating passwords….

Cool thing I found #2. Today’s question is: If humanist psychology is accurate (and man is basically very good and just needs to remove all restraints of religion and culture to achieve perfection), how do we have cultures of perfect(ible) people that are so warped and twisted?


Also, today in English, we were having a study day, and this girl came in and handed out ballots for the yearbook. You know…most popular, most likely to be president, most likely to be the next bachelor/bachelorette (whatever), most likely to start a major fire in a nearby district, most likely to survive mauling by teddy bears…the usual.

And I was sitting there thinking several things.

1. How am I supposed to know who’s “hot?” Good gravy, when I get dressed in the morning, I can’t even decide which pair of socks I want to wear…and they’re all white. How am I supposed to know what works as “attractive”? And how, pray tell, will knowing this help me with my life? Why should I put my math/English homework aside to work on this???

2. One category was interesting, yet paradoxical. Who, the impertinent paper asked, is the most likely to keep a secret? Well. How would I know? If they’re really doing a good job of keeping secrets, I’ll certainly never know!

And this ^^ is exactly the extent of my coherent, logical thoughts.

*Because I felt like writing a post that had pretty much nothing to do with its title. 🙂


4 Responses to “Breaking news: Random word generator invented by a girl!*”

  1. Well, the ones that keep secrets will be the ones that don’t spill the beans, or nobody would trust them with a secret (which might be why they don’t reveal secrets in the first-place).

    Coherent logical thoughts all…

  2. You should just randomly pick names for those questions that are so weird to answer.

    Because really… in 25 years… will anybody care if they were “most likely to be a nun” as much as they’ll care about their family, or their relationships? (Hopefully not.)

  3. Contorted logic, I guess…but it makes sense in the end. I’m still stunned that people trust me as much as they do. 😉

    Darn, now I wish I had that ballot in front of me. I’d pick something like…Ozzy Osbourne. Who obvious never went to our school. That’d go over real well. 😀

    It’s a good point that nobody will care that they didn’t get to be president, or that they aren’t as ::hot:: as they were *back then* because hopefully they’ll have their own families to look after & love.

    I guess it’s all those hormones floating around that make the whole Most Likely To… thing so popular. ::shrugs:: I’m probably going to wish I had a copy of one of those filled-in ballots in 25+/- years.

  4. Why do people do that? It makes it a popularity contest. Which isn’t fair, when you do that, you’re going to get someone’s feelings hurt. So I guess you just ignore it.

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