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So today I got Understanding the Times from the library.

I really like it. It comes at a crucial time in my life – a time when I’m starting to question the underlying principles and ideas of Christianity. Not so much that I’m doubting (although I do enough of that), but that I’m testing the limits of what’s what in Christianity. So I really love the straightforward approach David Noebel takes to explaining Christianity and what it means in every area of life today. It’s understandable, interesting, and deeply compelling. I find myself much encouraged. πŸ™‚ Now I’m off to finish the first (out of, what, 100 chapters?) chapter!


4 Responses to “understanding”

  1. I think it’s good to question and dig deep into what you believe. You can always learn something from it. I’m not saying come at everything skeptically, but get to know what you believe, that way you can defend it from attack.

    You go girl!

  2. The book has been on my shelf forever… Perhaps I should read it.

  3. Historymaker – exactly! You have to understand where other people come from before you can tell them what works. You know?

    Mark – READ IT! It is so very worth it. And I think, if you’re wavering _at all_ in your faith, it can be very helpful. Hey, I only read through the first chapter (thus far) and I’m sold. πŸ™‚

  4. Right, it’s so good to know where people are coming from. πŸ˜‰

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