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Who ARE you?

What would your response be if someone told you that you were the most respectful and kindest person they’d ever met?


Mine would probably run along the lines of, “Wow, how long have you known me?”


There are several reasons my response might be like that.


First, I’m not always courteous or deferential. I like getting my point across and getting my own way as much as the next person. I can disguise that pretty well, though – and in most cases I make a great effort to. This, I think, makes everyone (even Christians) inherent deceivers. The truth about how you really are never has to be revealed: it’s easier and far more conducive to friendship than just letting people in on who you actually are. You create friendships based on a falsehood: that you are not who you look like you are.  The difference between Christians and the rest of the world is that as Christians learn to give themselves over to God, they learn how to be honest about who they are – and they learn that because of the change that has been going on inside them, that honesty (often) appeals to the world. 


Interesting point.


Second, it isn’t only how I act, but what I think when I act that way that really determines whether or not I’m behaving in a God-honoring way. I can smile and nod when my debate coach compares me to someone I think he prefers, but if my heart is churning and I have a PG-rated list of things I’d like to call him (this hasn’t happened, btw – it’s just a handy example), I’m not behaving in an honorable way – even though it looks like it. See first point.

Both issues (respect and kindness) stem from unselfishness. Unless unselfishness comes first, none of the others will truly follow (although it seems that selflessness can be faked easily enough).  Lewis talks about how pretending to be something we aren’t (for example, full of charitable feelings toward someone who drives us crazy) brings us one step closer to actually becoming that thing…with God’s help.  This goes both ways, because as humans, as we practice something, it becomes more and more ingrained in our being until there isn’t much we can do to get rid of it.  If we practice the presence of God (which is an odd way to put it…but no matter…) instead of our own selfish desires, we’ll become more and more like God.

……and this is totally random…based on a conversation (as most of my posts are) with a friend. Just thought I’d throw it out there.


One Response to “Who ARE you?”

  1. Hey,
    Interesting point. You’re making me feel guilty. My response would be, “thank you, I try so hard.” But you have a point, we have to rely on God.

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