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Re: Punk

So I found a source of pretty authentic punk music.  I like its’ styling:  it flows, it jives, etc, etc.  The vocals can be downright inspiring. 

And sometimes…not.  I find punk to be the whiniest genre I think I’ve ever heard.  Take the song The Idiots Are Taking Over, by NOFX.   The title says it all (don’t bother looking up the lyrics [spare your innocent mind]) – NOFX is quite confident the world is going to the dogs as quickly as humanly possible.  They blame every possible source:  Christians, religions in general, the government, conservatives, etc, etc.

The only thing lacking in the vicious spiel is a solution.  While acidly refusing to conform, they are also, inadvertantly, refusing to become or find any sort of solution.  What good does this do?  I will listen to their political spiel because it helps me understand better some of the frustration that I know I will be encountering as I grow up and go to college.  But I cannot agree with it.  No matter how bad they say the world is, there is always something they could be doing for the system instead of railing bitterly against it.



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