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Taking a…break?

I am leaving for an out-of-state speech and debate tournament in just a few days.  (read: no more updates for at least a week)

Hooray!  ‘bye.  😀


5 Responses to “Taking a…break?”

  1. (Read: All the updates I want the entire weekend!)

    I am sooooo excited to see you again!!!

    You have to update with a really long “the tournament was awesome, and I broke to finals in everything” post two days after you get home, ‘k?

    Even though I get to see it in person, I love the written updates!

  2. Of course!! hahaha…only if you start a blog and rejoice joyously when you break to outrounds & go to regionals the first year you compete with LD!!!

    This is going to be *so* much fun! I can’t wait, either. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You’ll never guess who we’re driving out with. >:)

  3. Well… I know it isn’t the Andersons, or Schuemanns, or Shane’s family. (Not even trying to spell that one!)

    Is it the Bradley’s?

    (Do tell.)

  4. You are *so* smart, Sarah, I’m not sure why I bother! 🙂

    Yes, it is. They were kind enough to offer us a ride *and* they get a great deal on hotel rooms. I still wish we could have stayed with you….:(

  5. You really need to go look up the definition of “never” Lydia! Have fun…

    Yeah, I wish you could have stayed here too. The Anderson’s are staying with us, and no offense… but having Robert here isn’t exactly the same as the three of you staying up late and giggling over nonsense.

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