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End-of-the-year summary of life, the Universe, and (almost) everything (no, I’m not gone yet, I will be soon, though…..)

TONS of stuff has changed since last year!! Amazing how much can happen in so little time…. As most of my readers know, I am now attending a brand-new charter school part time.  So far it’s been a really great experience.  I’ve learned more in a year than I have during my whole life (and not just about English or history, either….)   

I’ve reached oodles of conclusions, too.  Most of them have to do with relationships. For example, as of right now, I don’t think I want to get married or have kids.  Go me.  I don’t know how my parents do what they do, but I don’t know if I have the same superpowers – and I’m not confident I ever will.  The same goes for getting married.  I have seen too many marriages that simply have no spark: there’s nothing there.  It isn’t that they’re particularly troubled, it’s just that, as Paul says, someone who is not married can focus on God more than a married citizen.  You know?  Oi, I don’t know if this is making sense.  I’ve also reached the conclusion that the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is highly overrated.  Almost any relationship has the potential to seriously injure one or both parties.  Unfortunately, it would seem that I am in two of them at the moment, and I’m going to have to make my choice sooner or later.  
So most of my conclusions are based on real-life experiences I’ve been through.  That’s just me:  maybe I’m way off.   

But yeah, I hope I’m more mature this year than I was last year.  In fact, I’m sure I am.  But I know I still have a l.o.n.g. way to go yet.  🙂


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