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blue jeans & pain

I hike my too-big jeans before I sit down.  I haven’t done my laundry this week, so I’m hanging out at home today in baggy clothes I would never wear anywhere else.


My life has never been “hard.”  I have never screamed at anyone.  My friends have pointed out before that I don’t understand pain.  I think it’s true: I don’t know what it really means to hurt.  In that respect, I have been unusually blessed.  Blessed to be in a family that loves me, to have all the things I have, to know the God I know.  It amazes me every day, as I talk to my classmates, as I read about the things people are doing, as I learn about the craziness in the world around me.  I’ve done nothing to deserve the life I lead, to understand the things I know, to have the blessed ignorance of the things I don’t know. 

When people tell me pain would do me good, I tell them that if that were true, God would have set a lot more of it up for me. 


As it is, my opinion on pain is that it’s good to be avoided.  There is no reason to rush into a situation that could hurt. I would like to say that my decisions are my own, but as many of them have everything to do with other people, that wouldn’t be the truth.  Why seek pain God has not put into your life to make you a better person? 

Does any of this make sense? 🙂 I’m not sure I get it, myself. 

 But my friends who complain about how hard their lives are make me laugh.  They haven’t known real pain, and by God’s grace, they never will. 


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