confusion central
if you’re here, you are SO lost.

Here it is!

In an attempt to chronicle my abysmally boring life, I have started a blog.  I have had blogs in the past, but this one will be different.  Of course. That’s what they always say.

Anyway, I am stressing out like I never do.  I have three papers due (at a .lot. of points apiece), one speech I desperately need to block and memorize, one subject I am far, far behind in, and two more subjects I am rapidly losing my grip on.  I am not getting enough sleep, apparently, though I haven’t changed my sleep patterns at all lately, and that means I’m not getting a lot out of working out.  *dies* My room is not as clean as I *have* to have it, and my chores aren’t getting done (as if they would /get done/ magically…).  Thus is my life at the moment.

On a good note, I am going a party.  I never go to birthday parties and rarely to ones this big, so I’m a little nervous about it (why I don’t know). 

I don’t know if I will be able to update a blog (and chances are no one will read it if I do) but I think it’s a good discipline, so I’ll try it.


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